5ASA nephrotoxicity study: information and enrolment info



NIHR CRN Study ID:9862

We need your help identifying patients for this study investigating the genetics of 5-Aminosalicylate (5ASA) induced nephrotoxicity. This study is led by the UK IBD Genetics consortium and the Renal Association encourages members to help with patient identification and recruitment.

Our aim is to recruit 200 UK patients over the next 2 years. We anticipate that each hospital might be looking after 2-3 patients who meet the inclusion criteria. These might include patients previously submitted to the 2001/2 RA/BSG postal survey, as well as any patients who have developed this complication more recently. Participation includes a blood test for DNA extraction and completion of a case report form, patient questionnaire and consent form.

Nephrotoxicity is defined by a series of major criteria which allow us to rank how certain we are that the 5ASA is responsible. Any patient that meets the major criteria might be eligible:

  • Patients aged 16 or over
  • Normal Creatinine or eGFR at baseline
  • 50% rise in serum creatinine (with corresponding fall in eGFR), anytime after introduction of 5-ASA)
  • Medical opinion implicating 5-ASA justifies drug withdrawal, even if temporary

If you would like to get involved, either as a research site or patient identification (PIC) site then please contact:

Tracey Hill, Trial Co-ordinator

tracey.hill@rdeft.nhs.uk or Tel: 07900 161244

Tariq Ahmad, Chief  Investigator

tariq.ahmad@rdeft.nhs.uk or Tel: 01392 406218