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Our Mission Statement

“Improving lives by supporting professionals in the delivery of kidney care and research”

Supporting Statements

  • Leadership and Professional advice. Providing professional leadership and advice to the NHS and health system leaders in the UK in order to facilitate optimal service delivery for patients with kidney disease.
  • Research. Supporting delivery of all aspects of kidney research
  • Education and Training. Nurturing professional development of clinicians and researchers in the kidney community.
  • Registry Audit and Quality Improvement.  Enabling comparative audit of patient care and outcomes through the UK Renal Registry to assure and drive improvement in the quality of kidney services
  • Patient involvement. Working in partnership with patients, careers and organisations to promote patient engagement and involvement in their own healthcare.
  • Communications. Developing the RA and our membership to influence and increase impact.
  • Guidelines. Delivering evidence-based clinical practice guidelines to drive excellence in the care of patients with kidney disease

Our Role

The Renal Association is the professional body for United Kingdom nephrologists (renal physicians, or kidney doctors) and renal scientists in the UK.

From its foundation in 1950, the Renal Association has been active in promoting and disseminating research that may ultimately improve outcomes for patients with kidney disease. The Association has also taken a leading role in the education of clinicians and scientists interested in kidney disease. More recently, it has become more active in issues around training of doctors and the planning and development of clinical services. The Association has become increasingly aware of the importance of healthcare delivery by a multidisciplinary team and is affiliated with the British Renal Society, the umbrella organisation for healthcare and patient organisations with an interest in kidney disease.

In January 2010 The British Association of Paediatric Nephrology became a division of The Renal Association.

Honorary Members

Honorary members are elected by the membership in recognition of outstanding contribution to British nephrology generally, and to the Renal Association in particular.

BAPN Honorary MembersRA Honorary Members
M DillonProfessor Eberhard Ritz
A HowieProfessor Terry Feest
A MurphyProfessor Sir Netar Mallick
R PostlethwaiteProfessor Charles C van Ypersele
S RigdenProfessor Gwyn Williams
S CameronProfessor J S Cameron
J SmellieDr Jean-Pierre Grunfeld
M TaylorDr S E Bradley
R Trompeter
M McGraw
K Verrier-Jones
A Watson
R White
T Chambers
C Chantler
M Coulthard
L Jadresic
P Houtmann

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Legal Status

The Renal Association is registered in England & Wales as Company 2229663, limited by guarantee and registered as charity number 800733.