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Board of Trustees

This is the RA’s governing body as a charity. It is responsible for the management of the Association’s business, for which purpose they may exercise all the powers of the Association. The board meets face to face at least three times a year to:

  • manage risk
  • oversee strategy, define policy, agree the business plan and monitor progress
  • ensure the proper management of the assets of the Association for the benefit of the Objects.

It has the authority to carry out the RA’s charitable responsibilities and delegates the operational aspects of its affairs to its CEO and committees. It works closely and liaises with the Renal Association Council but ultimately, all decisions (apart from changes to the Articles of Association) are either taken by, or on behalf of, the board of trustees and reported to the membership at the AGM held at the annual conference of the Association, UK Kidney Week (UKKW®).


Dr Graham Lipkin

2018 – 2021

Past President

Professor Donal O’Donoghue

2018 – 2020

BAPN President and RA Vice President

Dr Sally Hulton

2018 – 2020

Clinical Vice President

Professor Paul Cockwell

2017 – 2020

Academic Vice President

Professor Neil Sheerin

2019 – 2024

Trustee (Secretary)

Professor Indranil Dasgupta

2017 – 2021

Trustee (Treasurer)

Professor Claire Sharpe

2019 – 2024

Non-member trustee

David Silver

2019 – 2022

CEO (non trustee)

Ron Cullen

Council Members (elected)

  • Dr Victoria Ingham
  • Prof Alan Salama (retires 2020)
  • Dr Richard Hull - Consultant Less than 5 years (retires 2022)
  • Dr Aine Burns (retires 2020)
  • Dr Tim Bowen - Renal Scientist (retires 2020)
  • Dr Debasish Banerje (retires 2022)
  • Dr Peter Hewins (retires 2021)
  • Dr Marie Condon - Consultant Less than 5 years (retires 2021)

RA Committee Chairs (appointed)

  • Dr Mike Robson (Clinical Practice Guidelines) (2020)
  • Professor Alan Salama (International Committee)
  • Dr Katie Vinen (Clinical Services Committee) (2020)
  • Prof Aine Burns (Education and Training Committee) (2020)
  • Dr Danny Gale (Rare Diseases Committee)
  • Dr Afzal Chaudhry (Renal PatientView)
  • Dr Rebecca Suckling (Patient Information Committee)
  • Dr Katrin Jones (Patient Safety Committee)

RA Council Members (ex officio)

  • Dr Yook Mun Woo (rep for non-consultant grades)
  • Dr Matt Graham-Brown (SpR Club Rep)
  • Prof Peter Maxwell (for Northern Ireland)
  • Dr Mark Andrews (Chairman, SAC Renal Medicine)
  • Dr Mick Kumwenda (Society of DGH Nephrologists)
  • Dr Sharlene Greenwood (President British Renal Society)
  • Prof Phil Kalra (Chairman of the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Speciality Group)
  • Dr Yincent Tse (Honorary Secretary, BAPN)
  • Dr Aled Philips (for Wales)
  • Dr Paddy Mark (for Scotland)
  • Dr Mark Dockrell and Dr Gavin Welsh (Co-Chairs, Renal Scientists Working Party)
  • Dr Andrew Connor (Green Nephrology)
  • Dr Jim Moriarty (Renal Association Communications Officer)
  • Mr Ron Cullen (CEO)
  • Dr James Medcalf (Medical Director, UK Renal Registry)
  • Fiona Loud (Kidney Care UK)
  • David Marshall (National Kidney Federation)