Among deceased past members of the Renal Association are the leading nephrologists of their eras, as well as other ‘unsung heroes’ who played key roles in establishing nephrology in their own regions and institutions.

We honour them here and provide as much information as we can about their roles and achievements. As well as deceased past RA members we also include others from the UK and abroad, who were never RA members, but who made distinguished contributions to the development of nephrology in the UK. This resource is curated by John Feehally (RA Archivist), Joyce Popoola (RA Deputy-Archivist), Stewart Cameron, and Chris Winearls. Where a full obituary is not available, we provide a brief note outlining the individual’s key contributions.

If there is anyone on this list with no obituary posted, and you would be interested to write a piece; or if you have photographs or missing information which you would like to be posted; or if you think there are others whose names should be included here, please contact John Feehally


Adam Linton qualified from the University of Edinburgh in 1955 and then did postgraduate training in medicine and nephrology in Glasgow, where, as a newly appointed consultant nephrologist, he was responsible for establishing the dialysis unit at...

Sir Adolf William ‘Bill’ Asscher was a physician whose imagination and forward-thinking did much to establish renal medicine as a specialty through his influence as a clinical investigator, as a practitioner of humane medical science, as a mentor...

Alasdair Iain Macdougall was a consultant physician and nephrologist at Stobhill Hospital, Glasgow. Born in Lanarkshire and brought up in Glasgow he was awarded a bursary for Glasgow University, where he gained an intercalated BSc (with first-...

The early death of Tony Raine has deprived British nephrology of one of the outstanding intellects of his generation. His main contribution lay in focusing upon the appallingly high rate of death from cardiovascular disease in patients with renal...

Tony Ralston was an eminent and respected physician and nephrologist at Withington Hospital, Manchester who made considerable contributions to medical education and renal services in the northwest of England
He was born in Ilkeston in...

Geoffrey Merton Berlyne was professor of medicine at the State University of New York. He was born in Manchester, the son of Charles Solomon Berlyne, a clothing manufacturer, and Miriam Hannah Berlyne née Rosenthal, the daughter of a watchmaker....


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