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This page contains several links to useful educational resources, useful whether you are preparing for the Nephrology SCE or just looking for some CPD. It is not intended to be exhaustive, and we welcome feedback and suggestions for additions to this page via Twitter


There are several high-quality nephrology-related educational opportunities on social media. If you are new to social media a great video about how to get started and the benefits to nephrologists is available here

Several online social media educational activities run throughout the year. We recommend NephJC and NephMadness.

Updates from UK Kidney Week meetings can be found by searching the relevant hashtag, for example #UKKW2017. Lists of many UK Kidney Week contributors can be found here, and a list of journals and blogs here. These lists were largely populated from Matt Graham-Brown’s Twitter Cheat Sheet.


EdRen – One of the UK’s more venerable online renal resources; still updated regularly
Renal Fellow Network
ISN Academy

Helpful documents

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