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Part of the remit of the Training and Education Committee.

Registrar Training

Entry into Renal Registrar training at ST3 Registrar level is possible following completion of foundation and core medical training. Changes to selection methods and timing of training may occur from year to year; the most up to date resource is the JRCPTB website. This includes information on assessment methods and the Renal Curriculum.

Useful information about ST3 applications may also be found at local Deanery websites.

Successful completion of the Nephrology Specialist Certificate Examination is a requirement for specialist registration. The Renal SCE page has more information including dates for forthcoming exams and some sample questions.

A variety of useful educational and clinical resources can be found on our links and curriculum resources pages.

Part-time and flexible training

An increasing number of trainees and consultants are working part time. A network is being developed, and both existing part time trainees and anyone seeking flexible training are invited to get in touch. Further information and contact details can be found on the Equal Opportunities in Nephrology page.

Strategies for research training

Useful information and contacts can be found on our Research page.

SpR club

The SpR club is active and valuable to trainees. See the Renal SpR club blog or the SpR club page on this site for further details.