Acute Kidney Injury UK Consensus Conference – Call for Abstracts

Abstracts based on the following key questions are invited by Friday 31 August 2012. A prize will be awarded to the best poster.

  • What is the role of fluid therapy in AKI?
  • What is the role of E-Alerts in AKI?
  • What is the role of Biomarkers in AKI?

Knowledge of the adverse implications of acute kidney injury (AKI) has changed perceptions within the medical profession. Small changes in serum creatinine used to be thought of as almost inconsequential; there is now recognition of the increased patient risk associated with such changes. Despite this there is still evidence that patients at risk of AKI and those who have evidence of it are not managed optimally. Evidence has emerged of changes in clinical practice that can improve patient outcomes and specific aspects of this care including, fluid resuscitation and replacement, biomarkers and e-alerts.

Additional education sessions on the patient journey and challenges in managing AKI will also be offered on the second day of the conference.

This conference will appeal to all involved in the care of patients with AKI, including acute physicians, nephrologists, radiologists, general practitioners, intensivists, clinical biochemists, pharmacists, acute care nurses and renal nurses.

Do come along and take up the opportunity of hearing the latest evidence from the invited international experts about AKI management and participate in discussions on the future care of patients with AKI.

Full details on conference methodology, programme, registration and abstract submission can be obtained by clicking here or by contacting Margaret Farquhar m.farquhar@rcpe.ac.uk

For further details of the Acute Kidney Injury UK Consensus Conference, please click here.