BAPN – Working Party Report – July 09

Helping Adolescents And Young Adults With End Stage Renal Failure

British Association For Paediatric Nephrology


Adolescents and young adults with serious renal disease are a vulnerable group of patients. Adolescents with a history of significant renal disease from early childhood may have delayed physiological and psychosocial development, academic disadvantage and diminished self-esteem. The transfer from a paediatric to an adult renal unit is a move from a nurturing and familiar environment to a more business-like and apparently less empathetic clinical service due to work-load pressure. The majority of patients in adult units are considerably older making direct peer interaction difficult in an unfamiliar environment. Young and previously well adults also occasionally present to adult renal units with significant renal disease and, although less disadvantaged than those with a childhood of chronic ill health, have a similar need for support in an unfamiliar environment.

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