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BAPN Audit and Registry

BAPN Audit and Registry Committee (updated 18/5/2016)

  • Chair: Heather Maxwell
  • Past chairs: Manish Sinha, Malcolm Lewis
  • Members: Steve Marks, Mohan Shenoy
  • Registry registrar: Alex Hamilton
  • Trainee representative: Tamara Mallet

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BAPN Audit and Registry active projects

BAPN 2016 Dialysis Access Complication Audit

Yincent Tse, on behalf of BAPN audit and registry committee

  • 2016 may prove to be the year that we learn a lot about our patients on a UK wide basis. The UK is a geographically large country (243,000 km2). Thirteen paediatric renal centres dispersed in large population centres attempt to deliver an equitable dialysis service available to all children regardless of location. The number of children on dialysis in each centre range from 2 to 35 children in December 2013. Maintaining dialysis skills and quality care with small patient numbers can be challenging hence the need to audit outcomes.
  • So a prospective audit of access complications using the census dialysis population on 31/12/2015 has been commenced via each of the centre registry leads. Thank you so much for your endeavours in your busy lives to get the data across. The baseline data so far is fascinating – most of our patients are complex. Additional benefits of this audit is that we can share expertise across our units eg what lines and catheters other units are using in the very little ones, what line locks etc. So thank you and please carry on submitting data.

Audit protocol here: BAPN 2016 audit of dialysis access and complications

BAPN Audit and Registry completed projects

Registry Leads in each BAPN centre

BelfastDr Mairead Convery
BirminghamDr Mordi Muorah
BristolDr Carol Inward
CardiffDr Raj Krishna
GlasgowDr Heather Maxwell
LeedsDr Kay Tylerman
LiverpoolDr Henry Morgan
London - EvelinaDr Manish Sinha
London - Great Ormond Street Dr Steve Marks
Manchester Dr Mohan Shenoy
NewcastleDr Yincent Tse
NottinghamDr Farida Hussain
SouthamptonDr Shuman Haq

Minutes of previous meetings

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Minutes of the BAPN Audit and Registry Committee Meeting on the 16th July 2010v3 pdf 98.51 KB play_for_workDownload