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Workforce planning

The BAPN Workforce Planning document provides current information on expected retirement dates for the paediatric nephrology centres across the UK.

Health Service Provisions:

NHS Kidney Care Renal Coding document (June 2011)

Why have a Health Services section to the BAPN? The NHS is in a state of perpetual change (1, 2) but arguably the most radical changes are being rolled out and aim to be fully implemented before the beginning of the next decade(3). The changes planned will have a direct effect on the potential viability of any service, secondary or tertiary, exposing clinicians to the partly deregulated health economy with little in the way of clarity of potential consequences.

Individual units will have different strengths, variable service provision but a common aim. A single voice nationally allows greater opportunity for opinion to be heard in support of individual unit as well as common national issues.

The RCPCH(4) (newly formed) and Renal Association(5) have Health Service committees that bring focus to questioning and influencing policy, to advice on the impact of service delivery policies on quality outcomes. The BAPN can feed through these established channels to protect and develop services dedicated to children and their families affected by kidney disease.


December 2007 AGM presentation: Clinical Services