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1st Franco-British Paediatric Nephrology meeting

1-3rd December 2016, Institut Imagine, Necker, Paris.

12 British Paediatric trainees were awarded travel grants to assist with attending the 1st Franco-British meeting. The group included 9 national grid trainees, who were awarded an oral or a poster presentation and 3 non-grid paediatric trainees who were each awarded an oral communication. Prior to the meeting everyone was very excited to be supporting this international event whose programme included world-leading speakers.

Day 1 was themed around comparing the differences in postgraduate training and service provision between the French and British paediatric nephrology community. Speakers included Dr. Steve Marks who presented the UK transplant experience. It was interesting to see the differences in deceased donor versus living donor kidney rates across Europe. This provoked a stimulating post talk discussion. In the evening we held an additional trainee networking event, giving the UK and French trainees an opportunity to meet in a more informal manner. The evening included discussing in further detail the training programmes in both countries together with socialising. It was sponsored by Orphan Europe who performed a teaching session on the ophthalmic complications of cystinosis.  The event was a great success and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

Day 2 kicked off with the complexities and an ethical dilemma associated with infant dialysis and by far the highlight of the entire day was Michelle Rossiter’s presentation. Hearing a parent’s perspective of having a child with renal disease was thought provoking and emotional at times. Listening to how she is helping to shape the future of paediatric nephrology was inspiring.

The final day included Professor Lesley Rees lecturing on the management of bone disease in children on dialysis – she made it sound so easy! The meeting ended on an absolute high with Professor Detlef Bockenhauer lifting the audience by proposing several reasons why the renal tubules are better than the glomeruli!

Throughout the meeting Dr Mordi Muorah provided excellent translating skills and many speakers made the effort to combine French and English language. We also supported the event using social media (#FBcongres) and one of the trainees brought home the prize!

The meeting was held in beautiful Paris, therefore we had the opportunity to explore the tourist sights and experience the lovely cuisine of such an amazing city. We look forward to the next combined meeting and in the meantime we have a few years to improve our French!

The following trainees were awarded travel grants:

  • Dr. Asheeta Gupta – Liver enzyme elevation following paediatric renal transplantation
  • Dr. Caroline Platt – A multidisciplinary minefield
  • Dr. Louise Oni – Inter-observer variability of the histological classification of lupus glomerulonephritis in children
  • Dr. Alex Lalayiannis – Vitamin A in CKD: Should we be measuring it routinely?
  • Dr. Nabil Melhem – Kidney Re-Transplantation During Childhood: Feasibility and Outcomes.
  • Dr. Emma O’Hagan – Does rituximab and plasma exchange prevent disease recurrence in high risk FSGS following living donor transplantation?
  • Dr. Amanda Newham – Time to STOP acute kidney injury
  • Dr. Andrew Maxted – Rituximab for FRSSNS or SDNS: what is the lowest effective dose?
  • Dr. Grace McCall – Congenital nephrotic syndrome: How reliable is a raised alphafetoprotein in antenatal diagnosis?
  • Dr. Patrick Walsh – A retrospective review of paediatric patients with Bartter and Gitelman Syndrome
  • Dr. Swetha Vijayan – Outcome following switch between Brand Name and Generic Tacrolimus in Paediatric Population
  • Dr. George Verghese – A snapshot of AKI in tertiary paediatric centres in the UK.

Written on behalf of the above trainees.

Dr. Louise Oni, BAPN Trainee Representative 2016