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Transition and Young Adult – Patient empowerment

Transition from childhood and through adolescence is an exciting part of our patient’s lives. Young adults with kidney diseases are a unique patient group with different characteristics and vulnerabilities. Good transition care from paediatric to adult services is important and can bring immense satisfaction to the multiprofessional teams.

Here are resources and the increasing evidence base to guide best practices Ideas for new content welcomed – contact BAPN communication officer.

New event: Renal conditions: Moving on up together!

Free educational day for the paediatric and adult MDT involved in looking after young people with kidney disease. The day is also open to patients and carers. The day will cover some of the more complex renal conditions moving to adult services.

Best practice for transition care

What is transition? Cochrane UK Blog

In this guest blog, Arvind Nagra, Consultant Paediatric Nephrologist and Clinical Lead for Transition at Southampton Children’s Hospital, shares evidence and experience on empowering young people with long-term conditions as they move towards adult health services.

From Dr Arvind Nagra, consultant paediatric nephrologist and clinical lead for transitional care, Southampton University Hospital.

Ready, Steady, Go, Hello programme

This tool is a series of leaflets developed to help children and young people prepare to transfer to adult services. It is a generic programme that can be used with children and young people with any medical condition.

From Dr Arvind Nagra, consultant paediatric nephrologist and clinical lead for transitional care, Southampton University Hospital.

RCP Acute care toolkit for adolescents and young adults

How to implement a whole systems approach, models of care, and suggested education and training. Includes quality criteria, example screening questions, and an outcomes framework for AYAs on the acute medical unit.

From The Royal College of Physicians.

NICE guideline: Transition from children’s to adults’ services

Aims to help young people and their carers have a better experience of transition by improving the way it’s planned and carried out. It covers both health and social care.

NICE guidelines [NG43] 2016

Carrie Wilson from the Care Leavers’ Association discusses transition. Listen to podcast.


You’re Welcome – Quality Criteria for Young Persons Friendly Services

This Department of Health 2011 document provides the framework and toolkit for delivering young person friendly services across all health services and supports commissioners and service providers to make services young people friendly

BMJ article of summary of NICE guidelines

Picture permission kindly granted by BMJ Group. Need BMJ subscription for full article or via Athens

Examples of successful transition interventions in nephrology

Bridging the gap: an integrated paediatric to adult clinical service for young adults with kidney failure

Implementing an integrated transition clinic, coupled with improving young adults’ healthcare experience through a young adult clinic, improved patient adherence to regular medication and engagement with healthcare providers, as judged by reduced transplant failure rates.

Harden et al. BMJ 2012; 344:e3718

Active research – please support

Speak Study

First national survey of young adults 16-30 years on RRT. Electronic self-completion survey.

Investigator: Dr Alex Hamilton