Call for Nominations: KDIGO 2020 Executive Committee

As a vital and successful organization, KDIGO places a high priority on recruiting new leaders who can help KDIGO to fulfill its mission of improving the care and outcomes of kidney disease patients worldwide. The KDIGO executive committee is made up of volunteers from all over the world, providing fiduciary, scientific and visibility resources to the organization. The executive committee is our highest governing body and is responsible for making key decisions on KDIGO projects and priorities. Executive committee members meet face-to-face twice each year, work closely with the KDIGO co-chairs and staff, and participate in controversies conferences and other KDIGO activities.

David Wheeler, chair of the KDIGO nominating committee, invites any suggestions you may have for individuals to be considered for membership on the executive committee beginning in 2020. The term is three years. There are only a few vacancies each year, so great care is taken in selecting members based on individual merits.

Please send your recommendations to KDIGOcommunications@kdigo.org for consideration by the nominating committee.