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Severe Blood Loss in Haemodialysis Patients from Dialysis Line Disconnection and Femoral Catheter Removal pdf 321.38 KB 01/06/2018 play_for_workDownload
AVF Haemorrhage pdf 171.09 KB 15/05/2016 play_for_workDownload
Continuous Improvement Patient Safety pdf 2.11 MB 07/05/2016 play_for_workDownload
Switch Guidance pdf 262.33 KB 07/05/2016 play_for_workDownload
AV Fistula Necrosis - Chlorhexidine pdf 273.97 KB 08/05/2016 play_for_workDownload
LMW Heparin pdf 326.60 KB 08/05/2016 play_for_workDownload
Fresenuis HD Lines pdf 1.64 MB 01/05/2015 play_for_workDownload
Fresenius HD Lines pdf 202.32 KB 01/05/2015 play_for_workDownload
IV Iron Hypersenstivity pdf 66.46 KB 22/07/2015 play_for_workDownload
Cryptosporidium pdf 164.75 KB 01/08/2015 play_for_workDownload
HD Line Leak pdf 152.00 KB 01/07/2015 play_for_workDownload
Reported death from blood loss following removal of a temporary femoral dialysis catheter pdf 267.02 KB 29/11/2018 play_for_workDownload