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Spring meeting for 2020 ‘Drugs and the Kidney: Tubules, Transplants and Trials’

14 – 15 March 2020 – The Royal Cambridge Hotel, Trumpington Street, Cambridge CB2 1PY

The meeting will cover a wide range of nephrological conditions as well as discussing the future of trials in nephrology – how to run them and what kind of research should you be looking to do as an SpR.

Full rate tickets include registration, all meals and overnight accommodation. Day tickets include registration for both days, lunch on Saturday and coffee breaks only but dinner tickets can be added on. All tickets discounted for RA members (please include your RA membership number when booking).

Programme and registration

Any queries please contact Liz Wallin.

Previous Meetings

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From bench to bedside nephrology

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Updates in nephrology

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Sex and the kidney


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Renal Transplantation

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Rare Kidney Diseases


Past meetings

Autumn 2016 – Brighton
Infections in Renal Disease

Spring 2016 – Nottingham
Emergency Nephrology

Autumn 2015 – Newcastle
Immune-mediated Diseases

Spring 2015 – Cambridge

Autumn 2014 – Edinburgh
Chronic Kidney Disease

Spring 2014 – Cardiff
Malignant Nephrology

Autumn 2013 – Leeds
Interventional Nephrology

Spring 2013 – Leicester
International Nephrology

Autumn 2012 – Oxford
Translational Nephrology

Spring 2012 – Bristol
Dialysis: The Good, Bad and the Ugly

Autumn 2011 – Manchester
AKI, Renal and Critical Care

Spring 2011 – Belfast
From Cradle to Grave

Autumn 2010 – London (1 day)
Leading Quality Patient Care

Spring 2010 – Birmingham

Autumn 2009 – Edinburgh
Glomerular Disease

Spring 2009 – Sheffield
Clinical Research in Nephrology

Autumn 2008 – Cardiff