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Useful links in Nephrology

See educational resources  for links to blogs and guidelines.

Some highlights:

Renal Fellow Network – New nephrology teaching points posted on a near-daily basis.

AJKD Blog – Official blog of the American Journal of Kidney Diseases

GlomCon – The Glomerular Disease Study & Trial Consortium (GlomCon) is a new project with the goal to create enabling platforms for clinicians and scientists to exchange ideas, participate in online conferences, and collaborate on basic science and clinical research projects.

RenalMed  – practical information and help for nephrologists, non-renal physicians, and renal nurses and technicians.

Precious Bodily fluids – Fantastic educational resource from the irrepressible @kidney_boy, with a particular focus on electrolyte and acid-base balance.

NephJC – a nephrology journal club that uses Twitter to discuss the research, guidelines, and editorials that are driving nephrology.