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Kidney care has made great progress in the last few years with increasing access to transplantation, an increase in numbers of biologic therapies and ever more successful screening and prevention strategies for the detection and treatment of renal impairment.

Despite this progress, we are increasingly aware of an older and frailer group of patients reaching advanced stage kidney disease late in life for whom the benefits of dialysis are uncertain, along with those receiving renal replacement therapy for whom quality of life rather than life extending treatments may be the principal focus of care.

Whilst much work is being done locally to optimise care at this stage of the patient journey, there is less of national profile for this work and its provision is often inadequate and inconsistent across regions.

Expressions of interest to join a working group were invited in the autumn of 2019. We were delighted to have received an excellent response from a wide range of multi–professionals, including those caring for paediatric renal patients.
A good geographic spread of interest will give us an opportunity to achieve real change and consistency across the UK.

With such enthusiasm and a growing need for national work in this area the group will subdivide to address specific issues/areas.

This page will be updated as more information becomes available.