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Chronic kidney disease affects over 10% of the adult population and is associated with high risk of early death and/or progression to end-stage kidney disease. In many parts of the UK colleagues are working to develop new models of care, collaborating across sectors to develop virtual clinics including specialty review of primary care records.

This work includes integration of education for all healthcare professionals working with patients who have CKD as a co-morbidity, ensuring optimal screening of albuminuria and kidney function, risk stratification including use of risk equations for referral and communication, and ensuring that patients have timely and informed access to interventions that change outcomes such as lifestyle modification support, RAAS blockade, and SGLT2 inhibitors.

Strategy documents and toolkits

A national summit will be held on 30 April in London, hosted by a collaboration of the Renal Association, British Renal Society, Royal College of General Practitioners, Royal College of Physicians, and the Renal Getting It Right First Time team of NHS Improvement.

Delegates will consider the role of virtual CKD services as they relate to out-patient transformation of services for kidney disease in the UK, the NHS 10 year plan and the renal Quality Improvement (QI) agenda (GIRFT, KQUIP).

The summit will comprise an overview of the models that are developing across the UK including shared learning through working examples of virtual CKD services nationwide.

In addition, there will be parallel workshops to include

  • potential models of care
  • commissioning pathways
  • core education and development needs
  • improvement and implementation strategies.

The aim of the summit is to produce a strategy document for the development of integrated CKD service and a toolkit to support integrated care providers to develop these services.

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