COVID 19 – British Renal Society/Renal Association toolkit on de-shielding is now available.

Shielding of high risk kidney patients formally paused in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland on 1 August. It will pause in Wales on 16 August. A toolkit has been produced which contains both clinician and patient facing advice about ongoing risk from COVID 19 and practical resources to help you and your patients at this time.

The toolkit on de-shielding has been created by a multi-disciplinary working group of health professionals, clinicians and patients, with representatives from the British Renal Society, the British Transplantation Society, the Renal Association, Kidney Care UK and National Kidney Federation, in order to review the best literature and data available and inform the assessment of risk in renal patients.

We collaborated with patients, in order to create resources to help patients understand risk, so that they are able to make decisions about how shielded they wish to be in the future.

The toolkit contains:

  •  Summaries of available data of risk in dialysis, transplant and patients receiving immunosuppression for autoimmune kidney disease.
  •  Links to the latest data provided by NHSBT (coming soon) and the UK Renal Registry.
  •  Generic data sources (not specific to renal)
  •  Practical tools to help clinicians describe risk and protect patients, including how to communicate the uncertainty in this area and facilitate shared decision making
  •  A draft of the proposed new risk stratification grid
  •  Template letters to support health care professionals to inform employers about the risk to patients who are electing to return to work or are electing to continue to shield.
  •  Infographics to help patients to assess risk
  •  Links for patients to source social distancing lanyards and badges to allow them to identify themselves as at risk patients as they de-shield.
  •  A link to the KCUK website question and answer page generated by KCUK with this group to try to address common questions from patients about de-shielding.
  •  A leaflet to help clinicians in discussions of risk with patients during these times.

The toolkit can be reviewed here.

Given the evolving situation the documents will be reviewed fortnightly for the next month and thereafter as the clinical picture changes.
The risk stratification grid is in consultation until Friday 14 August. Please contact Renal Association with any comments on this.