Dialysis Patient Transport Update

Transport to and from dialysis treatment is a vital part of care for people with kidney failure. It is often a source of dissatisfaction for patients, and has been repeatedly recognized as having a major impact on the quality of life for people who receive dialysis.

Dialysis treatment is commissioned by NHS England as a specialist service; however non-emergency patient transport (NEPT) is commissioned by Clinical Commissioning Groups, each with autonomy to make their own decisions.

We are receiving information that across the UK that some CCGs are reassessing their provision of support for transport for patients who are receiving dialysis. In some cases we have been working with other stakeholders (including Kidney Care UK) to support local services in preventing changes that would have a profound impact for many patients.

This recent work will be extended to establishing a stakeholder group that will develop standardised recommendations for the provision of transport for dialysis patients, with the aim of supporting the needs of patients and the services who care for them. If changes to your current transport arrangements are being proposed or if you wish to contribute to the group, the please contact Paul Cockwell.