EON Survey Summary

On behalf of the EON committee and Renal Association, thank you to all who participated in the EON Survey. A summary of the results is posted below, and further details of the survey will be discussed in the EON session of the UKKW2019 meeting.

Demographic survey

  • 46/76 Units responded to the demographic survey
  • Changing work force with more women and more LTFT
  • Less migration from overseas in the current decade

Survey Monkey results

  • Total 159 Responses
  • Consultants make the main workforce. Total 28% of respondents were Non-White, of which 12% were overseas qualified. Most migration of overseas renal doctors occurred in  1990’s and 2000’s
  • 20% respondents were Less Than Full Time (LTFT ) and the majority of them were women trainees
  • 21% of respondents were not Renal Association members
  • Over 80-90% of 159 respondents were satisfied in their jobs and enjoyed nephrology
  • 61% practiced pure nephrology
  • Barriers in career progression, bullying, voice being heard: the striking themes were female gender, carrying responsibility, mother, LTFT, overall lack of support to the women, highly concerned about gender pay gap and discrepancy in merit awards
  • Ethnicity BAME:  BAME women, particularly overseas trained, were the most disadvantaged
  • Medical Students as future nephrologists – increased exposure as trainees and students was strongly recommended

For any queries or concerns, contact Dr Bhavna Pandya or the EON committee.