Glomerulonephritis Fellowship: 2021-2023 – University of British Columbia

This is a 2-year fellowship (2021-2023) offered through collaboration of BC Renal and the UBC Division of Nephrology. Salary-support funding is available and the deadline for applications is October 15th, 2020.

There is growing recognition that the management of GN is increasingly specialized, and that expertise in the management of GN requires more intensive exposure than what is typically provided during the general nephrology 2-year residency training program. As such, a dedicated fellowship in GN is beneficial in improving a trainee’s ability to diagnose and treat glomerular diseases, which is a skill set that is applicable in any nephrology practice.

The GN fellowship lasts 2 years, and is a combined clinical, health administration and research fellowship. During the fellowship, the successful applicant is required to be enrolled in a Master’s or PhD degree program relevant to their area of research interest (which can be deferred for applicants with a previous comparable degree and research training with approval of the GN fellowship director).

For more information about the fellowship and instructions on how to apply, please see here.