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1925 – 2016

Evert Dorhout Mees qualified from the University of Utrecht in 1951, where he became head of the Department of Nephrology & Hypertension in 1976. He was an early pioneer of home hemodialysis which he established in 1967 and founder of the first Home Hemodialysis Foundation, realizing the heavy burden of hemodialysis treatment on the patient.

He developed a worldwide reputation for clinical studies on extracellular fluid volume in  nephrotic syndrome, in progressive kidney failure, and later in haemodialysis. He believed strongly that there was insufficient attention in nephrology research on the need to understand the pathophysiology of sodium and water handling.

After his ‘retirement’ (required by age) from Utrecht in 1990, he developed what amounted to a second career, moving to a chair in nephrology in Izmir in Turkey, and becoming fluent in Turkish. In Izmir he led significant improvements in haemodialysis care, and supported a successful research programme on volume management and cardiovascular disease in haemodialysis.

Dorhout Mees spoke six languages, had wide interests in history and culture, and was a vigorous advocate for human rights. He long remained active, playing tennis until late into his 80s.

John Feehally