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1898 – 1976

John Sophian was, with Osman and Franklin, a founding father of the Renal Association.

Born in Calcutta of Greek-Armenian parents, he was educated in India before training at St. Bartholomew’s and St Mary’s Hospitals in London, qualifying LRCP MRCS in 1919.

He became an obstetrician with an extensive private practice and various hospital appointments, amongst them to Queen Charlotte’s in East London. In 1929 he took MB to submit an MD London which he obtained in 1930.

Independently wealthy, he collected paintings, porcelain and carpets, as well as supporting some of Franklin’s research.

His main interest was toxaemia of pregnancy and the role of the kidney in this, and wrote a book on Pregnancy Nephrology in 1971.

He was a flamboyant character, whom de Wardener described as “mad”, with eccentric views which he defended forcibly.