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Informatics has played a major part in renal care in the UK since the development of one of the first electronic patient records in the world for dialysis units in the early 1980s. This iniative subsequently become Proton, marketed by CCL, and is still providing remarkable functionality in several UK renal units today.

The availability of electronic data capture made possible the development of the Renal Registries, which have been years ahead of most other specialties in collecting and publishing information, and many other local developments (Proton, in particular, supported local customisation and development).

Organisations and initiatives in Renal IT

Renal Registries – the UK Renal Registry and Scottish Renal Registry collect data from UK renal units as an aid to performance monitoring and to service planning. Annual reports are available in full online.

The Renal Information Exchange Group (RIXG) is a multi-organisation body that includes patients and patient-representing organisations. Its function is to coordinate IT activities in the renal community.

PatientView (formerly Renal PatientView) is the UK Renal community’s pioneering initiative in making secondary care electronic renal records available to patients. It shows results, renal diagnosis and treatment, with information links to support each of these.