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The UK eCKD Guide is derived from the NICE, SIGN, and Renal Association guidelines.

Revised August 2017

The aim is to provide quick online support for the diagnosis and management of chronic kidney disease in the community and elsewhere.

The following table lists all the pages in the guide.

Pages of the eCKD Guide

eGuide homeCKD stagesDeteriorating functionCardiovascular risk
eGFR calculatorManagement of stages 1+2HaematuriaAnaemia
about eGFRManagement of stage 3Proteinuria and albuminuriaCalcium, phosphate, PTH
Normal GFRManagement of stages 4+5HypertensionReferral indicators, urgency, what to send

eCKD Guide History

The current version of the eCKD Guide was revised in 2017 by Simon Lines and Balan Natarajan, in light of latest guidance. The web version was updated and formatted by Jim Moriarty. For the first time, the guide has been formally endorsed by the Renal Association Guidelines Committee; this will be the expected model for future editions of the eCKD Guide.

Previous versions

The guide was revised in January 2009 in the light of guidance from SIGN, NICE, and the Renal Association/RCPE consensus statement and Renal Association CKD guideline that were all published in 2008. The authors were Jane Goddard, Kevin Harris and Neil Turner.

The first version of the guide was an adaptation of the UK CKD Guidelines (2005). The authors of the original online adaptation were Neil Turner and Steve Blades with the help of Deena Iskander and others.