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General Committee Membership

The UKRTN General Committee will consist of the following;

  1. Chairperson
  2. Deputy chair
  3. At least 1 trials statistician
  4. At least 1 health economist
  5. The national renal CRN portfolio lead
  6. A representative from the UK Renal Registry
  7. A member with expertise of patient reported outcomes (PROMs)
  8. A member with experience of and expertise in qualitative research
  9. Two patient expert members (with at least a professional scientific background)
  10. At least one specialist trials nurse member
  11. At least one member with experience in trial management and coordination

Operational Subcommittee Membership

The operational subcommittee will consist of the chair and at least 3 other members.


The General Committee will meet approximately 3 times a year, via face-to-face, or via teleconference. The Operational Subcommittee, who hold a responsibility to ensure continuity and timely processing of project proposals, will meet, via teleconference, approximately every 8 weeks.