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The UKRTN is composed of a General Committee and an Operational Subcommittee. The General Committee is responsible for scientific evaluation and input into trial proposals and general functions of the UKRTN. The Operational Subcommittee is responsible for administrative matters and will oversee the processing of submissions and delivery of outputs.

The key role of the network is to:

  1. Facilitate the development of high quality trial proposals
  2. Provide guidance and advice on trial design
  3. Provide peer review for trial protocols, at an early stage in development.
  4. Establish and maintain links with international trial networks in order to facilitate the delivery of definitive global outcome trials.
  5. Provide endorsement of trial proposals reviewed by the UKRTN
  6. Maintain databases to assist investigators in the development and conduct of trials
  7. Promote the education of clinicians, researchers, patients and the public on the design and conduct of clinical trials.