International committee – feedback requested

We are delighted to announce that Professor Alan Salama of Royal Free London has been appointed as the chair of the international committee.

He has produced this document to explain the aims of the committee and some practical first steps.

Prof Salama would also like your help in responding to the feedback requested here:

The Renal Association international committee is an ideal means of helping establish and strengthen the UK kidney community’s links with renal units in high, low and middle income countries, providing opportunities to learn from them and share the best that UK nephrology has to offer in the form of teaching, research and practical skills. Despite the limitations of our NHS system we are in a highly privileged position with regards provision of renal healthcare compared to large parts of the world and we should do as much as we can to share what we have learnt, and provide opportunities to those who may want to take them up. A large number of you already do a huge amount in this area and we would like to build on your expertise and knowledge to improve what UK nephrology could offer, and in return what we benefit from new collaborative research or clinical relationships.

In the first instance we would like to establish a road map of what collaborations/relations already exist, to see how these can be built upon and learn from the best of these formal or informal programmes.

We would like you to let us know if you have such programmes with overseas renal units, in any country, what the relationship is and what form it takes, e.g. sharing teaching resources, having visiting fellows, visiting overseas units etc.

Please email me directly with this information and we will collate this to get an idea of the scale of what is already being done.

Finally, please let us know if you are interested in getting involved further in hosting overseas fellows, taking part in teaching webinars and sharing some of the educational material you may have already developed.

With many thanks

Alan Salama
International Committee