ISN/RA Fellowship Available

The Renal Association has agreed to co-sponsor a joint fellowship with the ISN to be awarded on an annual basis. The first RA-ISN fellowship was awarded in Sept 2011 to Dr KM Thong from Malaysia who will train at Sheffield under the mentorship of Prof Albert Ong.

In 2011, there were 6 ISN fellows training in the UK from Egypt, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, India and Thailand. Host centres included Birmingham, Imperial, Lister, Royal Free, Sheffield and St George’s. Three were co-sponsored with KRUK and three were sponsored solely by the ISN.

The next fellowship round will be held in July 2012. Renal Association members who can act as host mentors are strongly encouraged to consider putting forward suitable applicants interested in training at a UK centre for a 12 month period. There is no geographical restriction and fellowships can be held for shorter periods eg 6 months.

A successful application will have a strong applicant (cv), host centre and mentor with a good track record of training and support, and a well-structured training plan appropriate to the needs of the candidate. Decisions will be based on merit and independently assessed by the ISN Fellowship committee chaired by Prof David Harris (Sydney). Excellent applicants will still be eligible for stand-alone ISN fellowships if the RA-ISN or KRUK-ISN fellowships are not available for that round.

All applications must be submitted directly to the ISN and will be considered twice a year. The RA-ISN fellowship will be administered by KRUK, alongside two existing KRUK-ISN fellowships.

Further information is available through the ISN website. Informal advice can be obtained by approaching members of the International committee, current or past host mentors.