The Kidney Patient Reported Experience Measure 2020 – postponed

2020 has been an extraordinary year for people living with kidney disease and those who care for them.  Patient experience is still as important as ever, however the Kidney PREM working group recognise the difficulty of measuring patient experience in the context of uncertainty, pressures on renal teams, and numerous external factors, which are continuously changing, playing into the delivery of kidney care.

The Kidney PREM will be postponed this year, meaning it will not be collected in the usual month of June.

We will be back in touch in a few months’ time with more detail about when and how the next Kidney PREM will be delivered; giving plenty of lead time and considering the impact of Covid-19 on centre capacity to dedicate resource to Kidney PREM distribution.

In the meantime thank you for your continued support and involvement in this work.

Please contact Catherine.stannard@renalregistry.nhs.uk with any comments or queries.

Kidney PREM working group