Latest Kidney Care Updates

NHS Kidney Care urges healthcare professionals to ‘get it right’ when delivering end of life care

A new report has been launched which urges healthcare professionals to implement better end of life care for patients with advanced kidney disease and other long term conditions. Getting it right: End of life care in advanced kidney disease brings together the experiences and learning from three project groups that have been commissioned by NHS Kidney Care for the last two years to implement the framework for end of life care in advanced kidney disease. It also addresses the data items that are associated with managing end of life care.

Download the report from the NHS Kidney Care website.

Innovative online system helps empower patients with long term conditions

NHS Kidney Care has launched a new report that highlights the benefits people with a long term condition can gain from monitoring and managing their condition online. The report presents the findings of an evaluation of the usage of Renal Patient View (RPV). It shows that patients and health professionals believe that using RPV makes patients feel more in control of their medical care, and gives them a better understanding of their kidney disease. Additional resources have been launched to support the report, including a how-to guide to help units increase the uptake of RPV, and a podcast describing a patient’s experiences of RPV.

The range of resources to support RPV can be found on the NHS Kidney Care website.

Supporting Young Adults in the East of England

NHS Kidney Care is commissioning a youth worker and clinical support to enable services in the East of England develop new approaches to support young adults with kidney disease. This is the next phase is building on the last 18 months where NHS Kidney Care has worked with five project groups in the North East, South West, Nottingham/Derby, Reading/Oxford, and London and is focusing toward sharing the learning and outcomes with healthcare services across England. A workshop has been held to enable the East of England to develop a structured approach to supporting young adults, exploring new models of care such as the role of youth workers, out of hospital clinics, peer support and You’re Welcome quality criteria.

For more information on NHS Kidney Care’s project to support young adults with kidney disease, please click here.