Latest NHS Kidney Care Updates

New Kidney Disease Clinical Commissioning Group profiles help drive up service quality

A new set of resources has been launched to help Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) provide high quality kidney services. NHS Kidney Care has produced a kidney disease profile for each of the 211 CCGs. The profiles are intended to help CCGs and other stakeholders, such as GPs and service providers, assess local kidney care need and current service levels in order to inform planning. This will facilitate improvements where necessary in the quality of care provided for those with kidney disease.

Copies of the profiles can be downloaded from the NHS Kidney Care website.

Better together: Sharing learning to improve care

NHS Kidney Care has published an evaluation study that highlights the importance of learning networks in improving care for long term conditions. The study, Better together: Sharing learning to improve care, found that learning networks were a valuable resource for healthcare professionals working for two NHS Kidney Care improvement projects in sites across England. The networks help share experiences, learn from others, discuss relevant issues, and express concerns. They were so successful that new networks have been established to continue improvement beyond the life of the original projects.

Download the full report here.

Care planning e-seminar: Thursday 14 February 2013, 12-1pm

This e-seminar is for anyone who has an interest in care planning to help empower patients with long term conditions to take more control and manage their own healthcare. NHS Kidney Care has commissioned 23 renal units to improve engagement with patients and support for self-care, including Oxford Kidney Unit which has developed hand held care plans for pre dialysis patients. Join this e-seminar to learn about the benefits and challenges of implementing hand held care plans and assess if a similar initiative could be introduced in your unit.

Sign up to attend this e-seminar here.

NHS Kidney Care supporting new renal Patient Decision Aid

NHS Kidney Care is supporting renal units across the country with funding and project management to embed the new End Stage Renal Failure (ESRF) Patient Decision Aid (PDA) from Right Care. As part of the project, units will engage with diverse patient groups, including those without internet access, identifying patients who need to make a decision about renal replacement therapy and refer them to the ESRF PDA. This project is part of wider work to improve shared decision making for patients.

Find out more about the project in the January edition of  Kidney Care Matters.

First kidney discussion map workshop takes place in the Midlands

NHS Kidney Care is developing a kidney discussion map to improve shared decision making and support kidney patients to make decisions about their treatment. A group of 14 nurses and experienced patients from across the Midlands took part in a workshop to feed back on the kidney discussion map and learn how to facilitate a discussion group.  Discussion maps can educate and empower people with long term conditions to take more control of their own care.  NHS Kidney Care has produced a series of FAQs to explain more about the kidney discussion map, and how it fits with existing patient decision aids.

Download the FAQs from the NHS Kidney Care website.