Latest NHS Kidney Care Updates

Vascular access audit report out now

NHS Kidney Care and the UK Renal Registry have launched the 2012 Vascular access audit report.  A total of 45 renal centres in England, Wales and Northern Ireland submitted data to the audit. The data covered all patients commencing dialysis in 2011, and follows audits carried out with data from patients who started dialysis in 2010 and 2009.  Download it here.

New How-to Guides available

Three new How-to Guides are now available on NHS Kidney Care website.

Buttonhole needle technique – This How-to Guide highlights how buttonholing has been introduced as an alternative cannulation technique for dialysis patients and the increase in patient satisfaction as well as in self-care and dialysis at home as a result.

How to use the data in the Atlas of Variation – The Atlas of Variation in Healthcare for People with Kidney Disease was published in May 2012.  It identifies the geographical differences in 18 indicators of kidney care which have been visualised in a series of maps.  In this How-to Guide we have set out some of the pertinent questions that you may wish to ask about variations in your local service.

Peer support services offer understanding and advice to kidney patients – Peer support can be very valuable to complement the care and education that patients and carers receive from their kidney team and the support available from patient organisations. This How-to Guide describes how two networks have set up a successful peer support service.

NHS Kidney Care launches exciting opportunity for renal units to be at the forefront of patient decision aids

NHS Kidney Care is offering funding and support to help renal units embed the use of the new national patient decision aid for use for people with established kidney failure approaching end stage renal disease (ESRF PDA).  Renal units were invited to submit an application detailing how suitable patients would be identified, how the PDA would be used among diverse patient groups, and how colleagues would be engaged and trained. More information on the ESRF PDA can be seen here.

New resource packs launched to support health care professionals working with people with LTCs

NHS Kidney Care has launched the latest in a series of resource packs to support health care professionals working with people with long term conditions. The new self care and home therapies resource packs bring together a selection of materials designed to help patients become more involved in their care and treatment.  Hard copies of the packs can be ordered through the NHS Kidney Care website, or you can download the contents here:

Self Care Resource Pack

Home Therapies Resource Pack

AKI proof of concept project progresses

Forty seven acute trusts have been selected to take part in NHS Kidney Care’s national project to test and provide ‘proof of concept’ for a standardised audit of AKI stage3 incidence and outcomes. The project began in August and the majority of trusts have now returned their first two-months’ worth of data, with the remaining centres working hard to complete their returns. The datasets, proformas and supporting resources used to collect the data are now available to download, which will allow other organisations that wish to carry out their own audit to compare results with those from the project.

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