Modernising Governance Arrangements

Since the beginning of the year the Trustees have been reviewing the governance of The Renal Association in line with best practice recommended by the Charities Commission. This work has been supported by an external expert in charity governance and has resulted in the need to change the articles and review the committee structures. You will all recall receiving the notice of the change in our articles prior to UK Kidney Week and the Annual General Meeting. These changes were passed by the Membership and the new articles are now active.

Since that time we have been actively implementing the recommendations of the governance review This has involved the establishment of two new committees specifically to ensure our governance is kept up to date and fit for purpose (Governance and Nominations) and that our finances and risks are well managed (Finance and Risk). We are now moving on to review the Terms of Reference of all our other committees to ensure they align with our new mission and supporting statements. The aim is to ensure all committees add value in supporting members to deliver the high quality care and research The Renal Association and its members are committed to. We will continue to keep you all up to date with developments through E-news.

Ron Cullen, CEO The Renal Association