Monthly Update: Think Kidneys Kidney Quality Improvement Partnership (KQuIP) Programme

The Renal Association is leading in supporting improvements in Clinical Care

KQuIP continues to strongly support quality improvement in the UK kidney community. The focus is on supporting the embedding of delivery of QI in the Regions. Watch this space!

Regional QI Days

KQuIP has already delivered three highly evaluated regional QI days in the West Midlands, Yorkshire and Humber, and the East Midlands region, with ongoing project management support.

The North West regional Day is next on the 31st January 2018. Come and join:  see more and sign up here.

Do you want to be next? We are able to support four further regions in 2018. Please forward expressions of interest to James McCann, KQuIP Programme Lead – James Mccann.

KQuIP National Priority QI Projects:

We are supporting each region to deliver one of the three nation priorities identified by you: Information:

New ELearning Platform for the renal community:

A centralised e-learning platform is being developed for use by the renal community, free at the point of access.

Want to know more?

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