MRC Stratified Medicine News  

We are very pleased to announce the success of a major grant application to the Medical Research Council, for a project entitled: NURTuRE – changing the landscape of renal medicine to foster a unified approach to stratified medicine, led by Professor Moin Saleem at University of Bristol.

This £3.1 million project will use the valuable samples and clinical data collected in the NURTuRE-NS (NephroS) and NURTuRE-CKD registry, and generate new data and methods that will allow us to redefine the diagnostic categories of nephrotic syndrome and CKD. This will help to provide individualised diagnostic tests and new therapies and will be based on deep analysis of patient DNA, blood and biopsy samples provided within this study. The four-year project is boosted by in-kind industry partner contributions and the continued involvement of Kidney Research UK and the UK Renal Registry.

Project Leads include Gavin Welsh, Tom Gaunt, Colin Campbell and George Davey-Smith (University of Bristol) Rachel Lennon,  Phil Kalra,  Nick Webb,  Tony Whetton  and Nophar Geifman (University of Manchester), Ania Koziell (King’s College London),  James Wason and Thomas Hiemstra (University of Cambridge), Elaine Davies (Kidney Research UK), Wendy Cook (NeST) and Retha Steenkamp (UK Renal Registry).