Multi-morbidity joint conference – Monday 1 July 2019 RCP London

On behalf of the Renal Association, Kidney Research UK, NIHR and the Royal College of Physicians, we have developed this exciting one day conference to stimulate discussion and ideas in addressing multi-morbidity and clustering of diseases, which are major problems for health service providers.

We are well aware that patients with kidney disease are at marked increased risk of cardiovascular disease including stroke, as well as diabetes and metabolic disease. The same is true in reverse. Several common mechanisms such as inflammation, neuro-endocrine up-regulation and fibrosis, are thought to underpin disease in these different organ systems, yet the approach to treatment is often specialty specific. There is a need for greater integration of clinical and basic science research and pathogenetic understanding between these disease clusters, with shared treatments developed to address common pathways.

At this important event we will hear from an expert faculty from a broad spectrum of related vascular and metabolic disease areas, along with Steve Powis, the NHS Medical Director, Paul Elliott from the MRC and representatives from the pharmaceutical industry.

The full programme is available and event registration is now open here.

All are welcome to attend but it is likely that the conference will be of particular interest to Physicians, AHPs and scientists in nephrology, cardiology, diabetes, metabolic and endocrine and stroke medicine, specialists in ‘Omics’ research and scientists interested in regenerative medicine

Delegates will learn about :

  • The epidemiology of multi-morbidity in vascular disease specialties and the related health needs of the UK population
  • Current data and biosample resources that can underpin our understanding and future integrated research in these specialties
  • How scientific developments in digital health, biomarkers and omics, imaging and tele-medicine can drive our future approach to research and delivering personalised medicine to this population
  • The latest insights from industry regarding development of treatments for multi-system cardiovascular pathological processes such as inflammation and fibrosis
  • How the NIHR CRN portfolio for Division 2 (cluster A) specialties can support future cross-specialty clinical trials


Phil Kalra
Academic Vice President