Notice of General Meeting

(the ‘Company’)
Charity number: 800733
Company number: 02229663


NOTICE is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting (Meeting) of The Renal Association (a company limited by guarantee with registered number 02229663) (the Company) will be held via Zoom webinar, on Wednesday 23 September at 17:00, to transact the following business: Members will be asked to consider and if thought fit, pass the following resolutions: Resolutions 1 – 7 constitute ordinary business and Resolution 8 constitutes special business of the Meeting.

Further information regarding Resolution 7 and 8 can be read here.

With reference to Resolution 8, please refer to the pdf red line document (comparing the proposed changes to the existing filed copy of the Articles). Subject to the Passing of Resolution 8, a new set of articles will be adopted.

As a member of the Company you are entitled to appoint a proxy to exercise all or any of your rights to attend, speak and vote at a general meeting of the Company. You can appoint a proxy by emailing renal@renal.org on or before Wednesday 16 September – please refer to the Notes to the Notice of General Meeting for more information.

Your input is very important to the Company and we would really like to encourage as many members as possible to attend.

To attend the AGM, please register via Zoom by Wednesday 16 September 2020. You are required to enter your RA membership number at the time of registration.

Please send any queries to renal@renal.org.

The minutes of last year’s AGM and the 2019 Annual Report will be posted closer to the date of the Meeting on the Renal Association website.


  1. To approve the minutes of the last AGM
  2. To approve the annual report for the year ended December 2019
  3. To confirm the appointment of the elected members of the Council
  4. To confirm the appointment of the President
  5. To confirm the appointment of honorary members
  6. To approve the appointment of new members of the Company
  7. To mandate RA Trustees to progress discussions with the British Renal Society and affiliate multi-professional groups, to merge to form a new single representative, democratic professional membership organisation based on the principles listed here. The final agreement of members to merge with the BRS and affiliate multi-professional groups will be sought via a formal vote within 2 months of this Annual General Meeting.

To consider and, if thought fit, pass the following resolution as a special resolution:
8. That the draft articles of association produced to this meeting (being in the same form as marked ‘A’ and circulated with the notice to the meeting) be and are hereby adopted as the articles of association of the Company in substitution for, and to the exclusion of, the existing articles of association of the Company, in connection with which the prior written consent of the Charity Commission has been provided in respect of the changes that are proposed to the objects clause (Article 3) and to the trustee benefit provisions (Article 5) in accordance with section 198 Charities Act 2011.


By order of the Trustees.
Professor Indranil Dasgupta
Honorary Secretary / Meeting Chair
27 August 2020