November update from Kidney Research UK

Researcher Development Day

Kidney Research UK’s first Researcher Development Day of 2018/19 will be held on November 29 at Great Ormond Street Hospital and will include:

  • A patient representative and story;
  • A keynote presentation on a prominent theme;
  • A research fellow career story from Dr David Long, University College London, talking about his career path, the ups and downs, challenges, hints and tips for success, and his areas of interest.
  • An interactive session focusing on ‘Developing successful mentoring relationships, delivered by Dr Rachel Cowen, University of Manchester.

Visit www.kidneyresearchuk.org for further details and to register.

Kidney Research UK secures Joint Fellowship partnership with NIHR to advance research

Kidney Research UK will partner with the National Institute for Health Research Academy, to offer jointly-funded Partnership Fellowships at Doctoral level, as part of the launch of the new NIHR Fellowship programme.

Partnership Fellowships include full salary support and research costs, allowing protected time to concentrate on research, as well as support to undertake a bespoke training and development programme to meet individual needs and future career aspirations. The Fellowships are open to any researcher in any profession, clinical and non-clinical, proposing research in line with NIHR’s overall remit and that of Kidney Research UK.

Jointly funded Partnership Fellowships will allow early career researchers the opportunity to maintain and build a relationship with both the NIHR and Kidney Research UK alike; as well as providing greater research exposure through a variety of media and communication channels. Successful applicants can take advantage of Kidney Research UK’s alumni programme. Researchers will also be able to engage with and receive valuable input from patient groups, making the most of the public and patient engagement/involvement opportunities available.

The Partnership Fellowships application period runs from October 2 to December 18. See www.kidneyresearchuk.org for further details.

Patient centered research matters

Kidney Research UK’s newly formed online community, Kidney Voices for Research provides a platform for researchers to interact with patients. Success of this facility hinges on support from the kidney research and patient community. To this end researchers are being encouraged to share the opportunity with their patients and families.

For further information visit www.kidneyresearchuk.org/kidneyvoices. Where your patient’s questions will be answered by the charity’s patient involvement coordinator sarahharwood@kidneyresearchuk.org

Imaging project launched to tackle kidney disease

A research team supported by Kidney Research UK has been awarded £783,190 to enable the clinical translation of renal imaging and transform the way kidney disease is diagnosed and treated.

Professor Susan Francis from the Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre (SPMIC) at the University of Nottingham is leading this partnership grant from the Medical Research Council alongside the University of Cambridge, University College London, and the University of Leeds.

Visit here for further details.

Progress and updates on the project will be available through a new website and via social media.