Overview of RCPCH Education Programme Endorsement: Reviewer Form

Education Programme Endorsement: Reviewer Form

What does RCPCH endorsement mean?

Endorsement of non-RCPCH education programmes and CPD activities adds value to our members by ensuring that such resources have been quality reviewed by experts. It is important that we quality review all products that wish to utilise the College’s name. Non-RCPCH education programmes and CPD activities include face-to-face courses, e-learning[1] and blended learning programmes that are able to demonstrate defined learning outcomes.


Face to face programmes that exceed 5 days are not able to be considered for endorsement. We are not able to consider graduate or postgraduate programmes which carry academic credit for endorsement.

An RCPCH endorsed resource allows:

  • Use of RCPCH endorsement brand on organiser promotional products
  • Use of RCPCH statement conferring endorsement on organiser promotional products
  • Specified guidance on which promotional materials the brand and statement can be used on and in what format
  • Publication of endorsed programme details on RCPCH website
  • RCPCH advertisement of educational programme via Twitter and college member eBulletins
  • Publicity quote from senior College Officer in promotion of product (if required)
  • Organiser-created leaflet/flyer circulation at RCPCH events (if required)
  • CPD approval (where relevant)
  • Course advertisement on the college CPD diary (where relevant)

Terms & Conditions

  • Short courses (up to 5 days max) will only be endorsed for the actual delivery dates and e-learning resources will be endorsed for a maximum of 3 years from confirmation of endorsement.
  • Organisations will be requested to inform the RCPCH of any change to the programme once endorsed to enable RCPCH to decide if further endorsement review is required.
  • If an activity is cancelled after the application has been endorsed and the confirmation letter provided, a refund of the endorsement fee will not be offered. In some cases, if the activity is rescheduled to a future date, the RCPCH may consider updating the endorsement confirmation without the need for an additional fee, if all details including programme, timings and facilitators/speakers remain the same.
  • Retrospective approval is only permitted for e-learning resources.
  • Any commercial sponsorship of the course/e-learning should be clearly stated, but excluded from the educational part of the programme/content.
  • Commercial advertising or other promotional activity must not be placed within the room in which the educational programme takes place/in the product. However, it is legitimate for a sponsoring organisation to have a presence in the main area of the meeting venue.
  • If sponsorship or other support is provided this should comply with relevant guidelines. In the case of the pharmaceutical industry, guidelines are provided at www.abpi.org.uk. In all cases, those organising an educational activity/developing e-learning have a duty to ensure that the information is presented in a way that is free from bias.
  • Use of the main RCPCH logo is not permitted on any endorsed programme materials.

 The Review Process 

  • The applicant organisation provides  a written endorsement application alongside docs/evidence to governance@rcpch.ac.uk
  • Only once all required information is received and checked will the application be forwarded to reviewers
  • As one of the panel of reviewers, you are asked to review the documents and completed the review form at Appendix 1. Please return it within 3 weeks of receipt from RCPCH staff  to cpd@rcpch.ac.uk
  • The review must be carried out under confidentiality terms
  • Written feedback will be provided by RCPCH to the applicant so please ensure your feedback contains clear justification for your scores and final decision

Reviewer Guidelines

Quality review of educational programmes is essential to ensure that high quality content & delivery are associated with the RCPCH brand. When reviewing a programme please keep in mind that the purpose of the programme is to improve the quality of the target learner’s education and practice.

For your consideration the requester has been asked to provide:

  • Completed application form
  • Course programme (including title, date, venue, learning aims etc) and/or e-learning web link (including username and password to access all learner content)
  • All presentations to be used
  • All faculty session plans if presentations not used
  • All additional learning materials e.g. case studies, workbooks, articles to be used during the programme delivery/e-learning, assessment process (if used) e.g. test, assignment
  • All faculty information (biography including job title, expertise, current employer and relevant qualifications) for both development and delivery faculty if different individuals
  • Other relevant programme web links
  • Declaration of interest documentation where there is perceived or actual conflict of interest
  • All external accreditation or endorsement
  • Promotional materials – leaflets/flyers/social media plans
  • Blank delegate programme evaluation form or online survey link including RCPCH mandatory questions
  • Previous delegate and faculty evaluations (consolidated summary) for same programme delivered in previous 24 months (including information on any changes made to programme content, format or faculty as a result of feedback)
  • Evidence of course completion/e-learning completion for the user

After the programme, the requester has also been asked to provide:

  • Summary of completed delegate evaluations within 8 weeks of programme completion date for face-to-face courses or after 12 months from release date for e-learning.
  • Summary of faculty feedback covering programme structure and content, learning aims and outcomes; teaching and learning methods and materials, evaluation and assessment, and resourcing and any planned changes to the programme, within 8 weeks of programme completion date.

 In considering programme documentation for endorsing an education programme you are asked to assess the documentation against RCPCH criteria outlined in Appendix 1 below

When you have considered the information provided please add your comments to Appendix 1 and select your recommendation. Your comments should be brief but complete, giving clear opinions about strengths and weaknesses. Comments should be constructive and suggestions should be offered to enhance the programme, where appropriate. Your anonymised comments will be used to provide feedback to the applicant. Once completed please return to the RCPCH Education and Professional Development Team at cpd@rcpch.ac.uk

[1] [1] eLearning – learning which users engage in at a time and place of their choosing; they can consist of online resources, applications for mobile and stationary devices, CD or DVD-ROMs, audiovisual media, printed materials, or a combination of these. eLearning does not include journal articles (printed or electronic) nor the broadcasting of recorded conferences, lectures or teleconferences, unless accompanied by appropriate assessment processes e.g. tests of knowledge, reflection on learning.