The Potential of Chief Registrars: Royal College of Physicians, Chief Registrar scheme

Anirudh Rao, Specialist Registrar and Chief Registrar, Manchester Royal Infirmary explains his experience with the ‘Chief Registrar Scheme’. 

As I was approaching nearer to the completion of my training, I was pleased with the plethora of clinical and research experience I had gained. However, I felt that there was a lack of experience in leadership and management leading up to my application for consultant jobs. The RCP Chief registrars programme was developed to bridge the gap between trainees and senior clinical decision makers and help trainees develop leadership and management skills. I was fortunate in my appointment to the post of the Royal College of Physicians Chief Registrar Programme in Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (Manchester Royal Infirmary) for 12 months. I decided to do this post in programme with a 60-40 split for clinical and chief registrar duties respectively. There is, however, the opportunity to do this programme as an Out Of Programme (OOP) experience.

This role has given me the stage from which positive change can be achieved by people who experience life on the medical front line every day. I have had the unique opportunity being able to attend departmental and divisional management meetings to gain an understanding of the organisation, and the wider social, political and economic influences on healthcare delivery. The post has also given me the opportunity to lead on projects relating to service redesign (implementation of an electronic referral system to manage patient flow), quality improvement (Improving the monitoring and management of patients on therapeutic anticoagulation) and patient safety (Developing an alert system using commonly measured biochemical and haematological parameters). In this post, I am required to frequently update and present to the board about the progress of the quality improvement and service redesign projects.

I have also gained from the training and education in this post is which delivered through well-designed modules developed by RCP Education Department and the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management (FMLM). This post is intended to culminate with all the registrars required to present their work at the annual RCP conference (Innovation in Medicine 2018).

The post so far has been an excellent invaluable opportunity to see how things get done and things can be transformed within a large healthcare organisation. I have had the chance to observe the leadership styles of others, and think about where my assets as a clinical leader lie and how I can continue to progress this in my role as consultant.

Expressions of interest are now open for the 2018-2019 scheme.