Professor Neil Sheerin elected as academic vice president

We are pleased to announce that Professor Neil Sheerin has been elected by the RA membership to take over the role of academic vice president in September.
Previously a trustee and honorary treasurer, Neil has been a member of the RA for twenty five years and brings a wealth of experience in the areas of research and education.

He will take over the role from Professor Phil Kalra.



“With my experience of both laboratory and clinical research I feel that I am ideally placed to represent this increasingly diverse group of research active academics and clinicians. Critically the Association should not underestimate the important role still played by renal scientists.

Working with the SpR club and other agencies involved in training we need to ensure that trainees are aware of academic opportunities and are supported if they choose this route.

I am also aware of the unmet need in terms of nephrology training and the requirement to develop novel methods of delivery, particularly on-line, distance learning. There are many opportunities to develop these resources which can aid recruitment and retention of medical and allied healthcare professionals which will ultimately lead to improvements in patient care.”