Promoting Organ Donation Awareness at the House of Commons

On Wednesday 6th September, Renal Association President Donal O’Donogue attended an Organ Donation Awareness event at the House of Commons. Pictured here with Alex Norris MP, PPS to the Shadow Secretary of State for Health, and John Roberts, kidney patient from Salford, the event was held as part of Organ Donation Awareness Week.

There is huge international variance in organ donation. In the UK the organ donation rate is 21.6 per million population; in Spain the figure rises to 43.4 PMP. Even within the UK, 44% of the population in Scotland are signed up to the organ donation register, compared to only 36% in England, and there are major differences in policy between the home nations on such issues as presumed consent.

The Renal Association is working to reduce unwarranted variance in life-saving care through such initiatives as KQuIP; read about the Transplant First Project here.