Rapid review guidance for patients intending to fast during the COVID-19 pandemic – CKD, transplants, diabetes and occupational health advice arrow_drop_down

The arrival of Ramadan amidst the COVID-19 pandemic has led clinicians and patients with underlying health conditions to question the safety of fasting in this month, this along with the reported higher disease burden of COVID-19 among the BAME community has led The British Islamic Medical Association to undertake a series of rapid evidence reviews to explore the effect of observing the fast of Ramadan in patients with common health condition, there is particular advice on fasting with co-morbidities in the presence of COVID-19.

A risk matrix spanning a range of medical conditions have been developed, in collaboration with several subject experts, with a view to help patient-centred shared decision-making. There are sections on CKD, organ transplants, diabetes and occupational health advice relevant to HCP’s intending to observe fast.

Guidance available here.