RCP Healthcare Sustainability Programme: Outpatient Care Feedback Request

As part of the healthcare sustainability programme of work the RCP are looking an outpatient care. Workshops and focus groups have been hosted at committees and conferences around the college. These sessions involved discussing the questions ‘What is the purpose of outpatients’, ‘what are the barriers to change’ and ‘how could we do it better’. This has led to a lot of interesting discussions, spanning a wide range of topics, a formal RCP report is now being written.

Jenny Isherwood a clinical fellow working on the programme is keen to incorporate as much feedback and experience from across the college in the output. She is involving a number of departments to ensure relevant expertise is fed into the various sections. The report is planned to launch in the autumn and will be thought provoking and challenge the traditional model of outpatient care.

Jenny would really appreciate it if you could provide some feedback on the proposed content outline (attached – only 2 pages). It would be helpful to find out if you feel the report would be useful, covers the right areas and if anything glaringly obvious is missing. Jenny is also looking for case studies of good or innovative outpatient practice in areas such as:

–          Remote monitoring

–          Telemedicine

–          Virtual clinics (with patients or primary care colleagues)

–          Supervised self-management

–          Integrated working with the voluntary sector i.e. choirs promoting pulmonary rehab for COPD patients


If you have any examples please contact Jenny directly via jenny.isherwood@rcplondon.ac.uk with the location and a name and contact information for someone involved in the work locally. Similarly if you have any feedback or questions on the attached outline please get in contact with Jenny.

It has been asked that all examples and feedback is received by June 24th.