SharE-RR pre-congress workshop – 12 April, Melbourne

SharE-RR is an International Society of Nephrology initiative aimed at supporting the development and sustainability of renal registries around the world. In the run-up to the World Congress of Nephrology in Melbourne, the first SharE-RR workshop was attended by representatives from 20 countries, including many from low and lower-middle income settings. The UK Renal Association provided support to Drs Katharine Evans, Barny Hole and Fergus Caskey (project lead) to run this inaugural event.
SharE-RR was established in 2017. The UK Renal Registry has overseen the administration of a survey of world-wide registries which delineated international approaches used in surveillance of renal disease and identified where registries do and do not operate. Results from this survey were presented at the World Congress and are due for publication in 2019. Many responding nations shared challenges faced with funding, staffing and administrating registries in nations with low healthcare investment. Nevertheless, responders and attendees championed the importance of data collection regarding kidney disease, especially its importance to lobbying for investment in renal services.
The International Society of Nephrology’s goal of delivering worldwide integrated renal healthcare will be strengthened by SharE-RR’s efforts to support the development and maintenance of renal registries around the world. The UK Renal Association is proud to have contributed to the work so far.