Specialty society update from RCP Registrar

Following my first specialty society update last week, I am writing to follow up on the supply of medicines, medical devices and consumables post-Brexit, and our assisted dying survey.

Supply of medicines, medical devices and consumables post-Brexit

The RCP has been talking to the Department for Health and Social Care and NHS England about its preparations for managing serious shortages. Over the past couple of weeks we have had meetings with Professor Keith Willett, Dr Keith Ridge and other officials.

As I said last week, we know that some of you are already working with the system in an advisory capacity. Others of you have let me know you haven’t been contacted yet.
We have agreed with the Department and NHS England that we will facilitate their communication with you. They understand they cannot rely solely on the NCDs and GIRFT leads for advice and information.

We need to make sure they have a list of people they can contact for advice, both now in the planning stage and in an emergency after the UK leaves the EU. Please let Dan Sumners, joint head of policy and campaigns, know as soon as possible who from your society should be on that list – and do feel free to suggest more than one person.

Assisted dying survey 2019

The email asking UK fellows and members to respond to our assisted dying survey was sent out this week, and I will appreciate your help in making sure as many respond as possible. If you can include the message below, or something like it, in any communications you have with your members in the next couple of weeks, I will be very grateful.

UK fellows and members of the RCP will have received an email asking them to respond to the survey on assisted dying. If you are a UK member or fellow please do complete the survey if you haven’t already. If you haven’t received an email, do remember to check your spam folder, then contact policy@rcplondon.ac.uk.

The RCP plans to close the survey at the end of February, but also wants to make sure they have a similar return as in 2014, when over 6,500 people responded. The outcome will be discussed at Council on 21 March, and they will publish the results shortly after.


Professor Donal O’Donaghue
Registrar, Royal College of Physicians