Statement: COVID-19 renal guidance update

There is now a likelihood that within the next two weeks multiple renal services will be caring for patients with a COVID-19 infection. Staff infection will also occur and will pose a major additional challenge.

The Renal Association are working with other professional societies, patient organisations, and industry partners to support renal services at this time. We are also linking in with NHSE&I. The aim is to ensure that there is a single portal for communication and information.

This will become active this week and we will provide guidance for all areas of care that are relevant to renal services and patients with kidney disease.

Your own Trusts will be developing their own approaches to COVID-19. However, we have advised renal unit clinic directors, if they have not already done so, to put in place a leadership structure for COVID-19 and develop plans to manage patient infections and staff pressures.

We advise

  1. That each service has a renal service leadership team that comprises the clinical director, lead nurse, and operational manager, or nominees
  2. That protocols and pathways for management of patients with kidney disease and COVID-19 are rapidly developed and put in place
  3. A clear strategy is instituted for communicating with staff and patients.

All renal clinical directors have been provided with examples of protocol and operational documents. These are not UK specific and have been provided as an information aid.

We additionally advise against any dialysis away from base until further notice.

Please send any queries related to this statement to COVID-19@renal.org