Supporting the development of the multi-professional team through quality improvement (QI) training

Last month, we wrote out to members of The Renal Association and The British Renal Society affiliates to ask how KQuIP could further support the development of the multi-professional team through quality improvement (QI) training, workshops or project surgeries. We wanted to understand if there is a desire for this type of training, and how it could best be designed to meet your needs.

Here’s what you told us:

  • 85% of the 173 responders said they would attend a QI course for renal care
  • A one day course or two days split over a few months was preferred, with many suggesting the addition of virtual or e-learning to complement the face to face session
  • The highest interest was in project surgeries and topic-specific sessions that were applicable to real-world settings and care
  • A need for training on both QI fundamentals and more advanced learning was identified
  • Respondents were keen that the course be tailored to the skill level of participants
  • Key barriers to attending were cost, time, staffing and location
  • There were some great offers of help and involvement from those who responded.

Core themes included

  • “A patient’s view of QI”
  • “How to engage with teams & keep them motivated”
  • “On-line, including podcasts, and interactive questions”
  • “Being truly MDT the whole way through”
  • Relevant rather than theoretical”




THANK YOU for such a considered response – we are excited to work with a community who are engaged in QI and want to improve the quality care for people with kidney disease in the UK.

“The major variation in clinical outcomes and patient reported experience between and within renal services is a stark reminder that the system is the major factor in the quality of patient experience and in ensuring that each patient has the opportunity for their best outcome.
A fundamental goal of QI is to improve experience and outcomes for patients at a system level. The statement is easy, but the challenges are profound…”

Read a full blog by Paul Cockwell, KQuIP Co-Chair here.

This is what we are planning…

Piloting a regional, practical QI workshop for renal professionals in 2020. This would consist of:

  • Signposting to existing free, high-quality healthcare improvement webinars and resources
  • Webinars outlining a range of renal specific, multi-disciplinary QI projects which explore how key QI tools and techniques have been used in practice
  • One day interactive renal QI work-shop, focusing on specific project support
  • Ongoing e-learning support and a virtual follow up in six months to one year to find out how things are going, offer mentorship and share learning amongst cohort one

Supra-regional or national workshop for advanced QI in 2020 or 2021. This will consist of:

  • Advanced measurement techniques
  • Leadership
  • Project design

We are still developing these ideas and continue to welcome your thoughts – do get in touch with suggestions, comments or feedback using the contact details at the bottom of the email.

Do you want to be involved?

Many of you have responded offering to support the delivery of this training. If you have already left contact details and information about what you could offer, thank you – we will be in touch soon and are looking forward to working with you.

If you haven’t told us yet that you want to be involved then read on! We are looking for members of the renal community who have skills and experience in quality improvement and the capacity to be involved in the design, planning and delivery of these courses. If this sounds like you, please get in touch with details of your experience and areas of knowledge – we would love to hear from you.

If you offered support but didn’t leave contact info please get in touch again on the email above so that we can get back to you.